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Here’s something neat: an interactive video interview with Tarja about “Colours in the Dark”!

New audio interview with Tarja Turunen about “Colours in the Dark”

It may be heard at the source.

Victim of Ritual, the first track in Tarja’s track-by-track video series.

Tarja Turunen will release a single: “Victim of Ritual”

The single will be released on July 12 as a digital download, CD single, and 7-inch vinyl. 

Track listing:

01. Victim Of Ritual
02. Victim Of Ritual (first demo)
03. I Walk Alone (live from Luna Park)
04. Underneath (live from Luna Park)

North American release dates for Tarja Turunen’s new album announced!

While the new album will be available August 23 in Europe through earMUSIC, it will be released in North America on August 27 through Armoury Records. 

Tarja Turunen is confirmed for MFVF XI!

Dear MFVF People, here is a new confirmation for the MFVF XI!
Don’t miss her, she’ll play only ONE festival in 2013, she absolutely wanted to play the MFVF again (unique show in 2013 in Belgium) she is coming with a new album, a new show @ MFVF XI…you’ve asked about & the MFVF always tried its best to make you happy ! Please welcome TARJA TURUNEN!

The festival is between 18-20 of October.



Preview of Tarja’s new song with Mike Oldfield “Never Too Far”!

Tarja Turunen is featured on Mike Oldfield’s new remix album!
"Tubular Beats", the brand new remix album by Mike Oldfield, includes a new song, "Never Too Far", featuring a guest appearance by former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen. The CD will be released on February 1 via earMUSIC and will include the most popular songs by Oldfield, who has worked on new arrangements and new sounds for his compositions. All tracks have been reworked from the original multi-track recordings and remixed together by Oldfield and German producer Torsten “York” Stenzel. Newly recorded guitar parts by Mike Oldfield have been added to the mix.